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Preliminary Student Enrollment Reports

* Starting in Spring 2012, graduate student load is no longer calculated solely on the basis of enrolled credit hours, but is calculated using the full-time classifications defined in the university catalog.
* Starting in Spring 2012, certificate and special program students are displayed separately.
* Starting in Spring 2012, Distance Education is defined as students enrolled in courses where 50% or more of the instruction is offered via distance education; internships, individual study, and study abroad are excluded.
* Starting in Summer 2013, degree-seeking students who attended Mason previously and returned at the same degree level after attending another institution are considered continuing students. Prior to Fall 2012 they were considered transfer students.

This preliminary Enrollment report provides student enrollment status by division, by student level, and by type of credit hours such as reportable, contract or traditional, as of a certain date. Please select a term folowed by a date, a division and the type of credit hours and then press the submit button.

The enrollment reported on this page represents the previous day’s enrollment. For instance, although the first day of classes for Summer 2013, Session A was May 20; the actual information for the first day of classes is reported on the May 21 report.
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