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Official Student Enrollment

Official student enrollment information is calculated based on official census data maintained by IRR.

Notes: Due to rapid changes in university structure and majors, we are not able to keep the historical college mappings or student preferred college mappings for certain majors, the college mapping for each major are based on most recent structure.

Starting in Fall 2011, graduate student load is no longer calculated solely on the basis of enrolled credit hours, but is calculated using the full-time classifications defined in the university catalog.

Starting in Fall 2011, certificate and special program students are displayed separately.

Starting in Fall 2011, Distance Education is defined as students enrolled in courses where 50% or more of the instruction is offered via distance education; internships, individual study, and study abroad are excluded.

Starting with the Fall 2012 census, degree-seeking students who attended Mason previously and returned at the same degree level after attending another institution are considered continuing students. Prior to Fall 2012 they were considered transfer students.

Student Enrollment Reports: Student enrollment reports provide student enrollment status by campus, academic division, student level, student demographic features as well as type of credit hours such as reportable, contract or traditional, for each semester. FTE are calculated based on student level, regardless of the course levels of the classes they take.

Course Enrollment Reports: Course enrollment reports provide course enrollment status (course FTE, course credits and average class size of course sections, etc) by academic divisions and units. FTE are calculated based on the course level regardless of student levels.

Enrollment Trend Reports: Enrollment trend reports depict trend lines over a period of time. Unless noted, all trend reports are based on official census data.

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  • Data Sources:
  • Beginning of Term (BOT) data are extracted from the student information system on the census day.
  • Census data are taken from the same system about six weeks after the start of the semester
  • Data are extracted by IRR
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