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Faculty & Staff Information

Faculty and staff information provides the campus community with a glimpse of Mason's faculty and staff resources and productivity.

Faculty Profiles by Division and Department: Showcase our academic faculty by rank and tenure status, by faculty academic affiliations.

Full-Time Faculty Profiles by Demographic: Gives two-year comparisons to various types of statistics regarding race and gender status at Mason.

Faculty Course Evaluation are tabulated to in order to help campus decision-makers assessing their units teaching status.

  • John Dooris, Institutional Research Analyst, at (703) 993-1775 (or e-mail)
  • Data Sources:
  • Fall teaching statistics were based on fall student enrollment census.
  • Faculty & staff statistics were based on fall faculty & staff census.
  • Census data are usually taken 6 weeks after the start of the semester by IRR.
  • Reminder: Please use Internet Explore for the best viewing results