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Faculty & Staff Information

Faculty and staff information provides the campus community with a glimpse of Mason's faculty and staff resources and productivity.

Full-time faculty profiles showcase our instructional faculty by rank and tenure status, by faculty academic affiliations.

Faculty and staff demographic distribution reports give handy access to various type of statistics regarding minority and women status in Mason.

Faculty teaching statistics are tabulated to in order to help campus decision-makers assessing their units teaching status.

  • John Dooris, Institutional Research Analyst, at (703) 993-1775 (or e-mail)
  • Data Sources:
  • Fall teaching statistics were based on fall student enrollment census.
  • Faculty & staff statistics were based on fall faculty & staff census.
  • Census data are usually taken 6 weeks after the start of the semester by IRR.
  • Reminder: Please use Internet Explore for the best viewing results