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Academic Unit Profiles

At the beginning of 2003, in its effort of dealing with reduced funding and expanded enrollment, the University's Board of Visitors (BOV) requested the university to do a thorough examination of its academic programs regarding their effectiveness in order to detect programs that might not be as effective as other. The BOV also suggested a transparent university administrative operation by making revenue, expenditure and cost measures of the academic units available from the Web.

The profile you are about to browse is the result of President Merten's effort in building a "profile" to tell everyone what we are all about. It is also the President's desire to employ this profile as a decision-making support tool for the individual unit. The profiles cover five major areas:

  1. Unit Overview
  2. Student Enrollment Trends
  3. Faculty & Staff
  4. Degrees Conferred, Revenue & Expenditure
  5. Effectiveness Ratios

The profiles are updated three times a year during the fiscal year: in late Oct., after fall census data are available; in late July the following year, after finance and fiscal books are closed for the fiscal year; and in early Sept., after annual student FTE and degree conferred data are finalized.

Academic units may use this profile for historical and comparative trend analysis regarding student enrollment, credit hours production, faculty hiring, revenue generation, instructional cost and research initiatives.

Please use the links below to view either the university's executive summary profile or an individual unit's profile. For best viewing results, please use Internet Explorer as your browser.

  • Dr. Kris M. Smith, Associate Provost for IRR at (703) 993-8841 (or e-mail)
  • Data Sources:
  • Fall enrollment statistics were based on fall enrollment census.
  • Annual student FTE statistics were based on summer, fall and spring course enrollment census.
  • Faculty & staff statistics were based on fall faculty & staff census.
  • Budget and Finance statistics were based on fiscal year data.
  • Detailed program course FTE enrollment statistics were provided by the Office of Enrollment Management/Summer Term.
  • Census data are usually taken 6 weeks after the start of the semester by IRR.
  • Due to rapid changes in university structure, majors and courses, we are not able to keep the historical college mappings for certain majors and courses. The college mappings for majors and courses are based on the most recent structure.
  • Reminder: Please use Internet Explore for the best viewing results.